Mozilla tests proxy service for Firefox in United States

Mozilla is going to offer Firefox users a proxy service, which is already being tested in the United States. Firefox Private Network is an extension for the browser and offers users an encrypted connection to the Internet, for example if they use a public Wi-Fi network.

The proxy service prevents the browsing or personal data from leaking through the Wi-Fi network. Because the user’s original IP address is hidden, this should also make it more difficult to follow the user on the web, according to Mozilla. The servers used by Firefox Private Network are provided by internet company Cloudflare.

Currently, American Firefox users who have a Firefox account can use the proxy service free of charge. The specific mention that the proxy service can be used free of charge during the test phase suggests that Mozilla would like to charge for this later. Last year, Mozilla already decided to offer ProtonVPN’s vpn service to users, who pay monthly for it. However, Mozilla has plans to investigate more subscription services, according to Mozilla CEO Chris Beard, who is leaving in June this year.

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